Westside Kennels
"We Treat Your Pet Like Our Own"

Frequently Asked Questions

What vaccinations does West Side Kennels require for boarding?

West Side Kennels requires that all vaccinations, including the boardatella ('kennel-cough' vaccine), be up-to-date in order to board your pet.

Can West Side Kennels administer medications for my pet while he/she is being boarded?

We will be happy to administer any medications such as pills, ointments, or drops to your pet, free of charge, while he/she is visiting the kennels.  We are unable to administer injections or vaccines on-site. 

Does West Side Kennels board cats?

West Side Kennels does not currently board cats.  Due to popular demand, however, West Side Kennels gladly announces plans to resume cat boarding services on January 31st, 2010. Contact us for further information.

Can I visit your facility prior to boarding my pet?

Visitors and inspections are always welcome at West Side Kennels.  Please call for kennel hours of operation before your visit.

Will my pet have interaction with any other pets during his/her stay?

Your pet will not have contact with any other pet in the kennels unless specifically requested by the owners of both pets in question.  In other words, your pet will be able to see his/her fellow boarders, but he/she will not be permitted to interact with them.

Do you have any references?

West Side Kennels has been in operation since 1972.  Please feel free to call any area veterinary hospital for information reguarding our history or quality of care.  Your pet's safety and well-being is our sole priority.

Will you play with and give my pet attention while he/she is being boarded?

We love animals!  That's why we're in the buisness!  Bill (the owner) REALLY loves animals.  Not just the 'cute and sweet' ones.  He makes it a point to build a close bond with each and every pet that boards with him.  Of course, some pets suffer more from 'seperation anxiety' than others, and Bill makes a special effort to make sure those pets are as comfortable as possible while they are under his care.  Make no mistake - we really do "treat your pets like our pets".

Does anyone else have access to my pet while he/she is being boarded?

No.  Only employees of West Side Kennels have access to the kennel facility.  In fact, West Side Kennels is gated and the kennel building itself remains locked and monitored 24/7.  No one is allowed access to West Side Kennels unless accompanied by an employee of the kennels.

How far in advance do I need to make reservations?

Normally, a week in advance is adequate.  During busy holiday weeks, however, West Side Kennels books up quickly.  Reservations for holidays are taken on a first-come first-serve basis.  We encourage you to make holiday reservations well in advance.

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